Your Blessings, the Worlds Enemy!

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails" Proverbs 19:21 



In the past four to five years I have embarked on a journey in my career that has pushed me in many directions and through many challenges that have allowed me to become the woman I am today. As an artist we thrive off the passion and drive we have for what we do to push us forward, and to those who aren't in "our world" it's hard to understand. The artistic lifestyle is not one that's "ideal" to the average person, because it takes more Chance, Passion, Drive, and Work to continue what we do. It's a constant battle with ourselves through the ups in downs in our careers, something that anyone who hasn't experienced will find it hard to understand. We are always battling for THAT one spot. 


I use to always ask myself what is an "ideal" career, and who made the rule that ideal was the same for every person in this world. I grew up in a home that was filled with artist who pushed to achieve greatness in their field of work, but for some reason always felt like I still wasn't doing things right...why? I then realized I felt my journey with my career was all wrong because I come from a home of college graduates who completed the one step that the world says you NEED in order to excel in your career. Well, I definitely haven't completed that step in my journey, but my blessings took me on a different path. A path that took me awhile to commit to but that has brought me so much joy and happiness along the way. I've had my fair share of college courses, sitting in class rooms, listening to lectures, and receiving the knowledge that the world says we need in order to be our greatest self in our career, but it wasn't for me. Nothing ever kept my attention, pushed my interest, allowed me to find joy in what I was doing.  I am a Professional Dancer who is proficient in her craft. In my many years of dancing I've had the honored privilege to train with some of the greatest of our time that have pushed me to do and be the best. I say all of this to say that sometimes what the world sees of us and what they seek for us to be is not always Gods plan for us. I love being looked at as a role model, a mentor, and a friend who is ambitious enough to go for my dreams, but it doesn't always come with the most positive responses. Let me explain!


The path I walk with God and the blessings and talents he has blessed me with may not always be used in a way that others see fit. I love that experiences I have has with jobs I've worked because I learned to work with different people and different crowds. Every "perfect" situation that others feel you should take may not be the place where you can bless others. For example, working in a topless Show in Vegas..."Sin City"  was the best job I could've ever experienced. Now, don't get me wrong I was never very open about working a topless show, not because I was ashamed, but because the negativity I knew I was bound to receive from others was not what I needed in my journey, but even with knowing what was to come from others, I received so much more from those that actually attended and were apart of the show with me. 


 Saying all of this to say, you never know what position you are being put in to be blessed by what is being given to you in this world. Cherry Boom Boom was a hidden blessing. As artist we go through many different situations that cause us to really learn more about ourselves in what we do and don't want to accept in our lives. I knew taking this job would be a lesson in itself, but I did not it would've have been as life changing as it was. It was truly a blessing! I learned more about people, working in the industry, what I do and don't want for my business, met some of the greatest women of all time, and also learned so much about my self as a woman.


Lesson's learned from a Topless Show:

  • I learned that you can't control the world and it's actions, but you can allow someone to respect who you are by the way you express yourself to the world.

  • I learned there's always a story behind each person and the more you listen and see people for who they are the easier it is to understand the world.

  • I learned not everyone has ill intentions.

  • I learned that as a woman you demand more of the world when you respect yourself.

  • I learned that there are truly genuine people out there who want to support hard working artist and their craft. 

  • I learned that allowing others to make your decisions for their own sake can cause you to miss out on your blessings.

  • I learned that trusting your gut is the greatest thing you could ever do for your career. 

I say all this to say the world's biggest enemy are the blessings of those who despite what the world has to say go for it. I could've allowed all the negativity to stop me from taking a job that changed me for the better. The show being topless was beside the point, it was the ability to live a life doing what I love, and using my God given talent to bless others and receive blessings in return.


I worked with women I will be able to cherish amazing memories with for a lifetime.

 I worked with one of the most amazing bosses a girl could ask for.

 I lived in a city where so many crazy things are talked about, but yet I was at so much peace living where I could see God's beauty every morning, where I established a family from so many dance friends, where I discovered new blood relatives, where I worked for one of the best Business Coaching companies in the world, I met the best manager I could ever have, and I made connections with people I now can work with in my career. 


Many people may not have the ideal image that America and older family members paint for us to have growing up, but we for sure have a life we can look back on and be proud we took chances, made memories, and lived a FULL LIFE! 


Never allow the world to make decisions for you and your life. You don't want to look back with an "I Wish I would've attitude" you want to look back with an " I'm so happy I did" attitude. 


Allow your BLESSINGS to be the world's WORST ENEMY! 




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