"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer"                             -Romans 12:12


With only two weeks in Miami and enjoying rehearsals and learning the show we all were hit with unexpected news that we would be evacuating from Miami to get away from one of the largest storms to ever hit the U.S., Hurricane Irma. With the recent events that have taken place during Hurricane Season, especially in my home state Texas with Hurricane Harvey, and seeing the damage that was brought upon the city and families in it, I decided not to take this information lightly at all. Keeping track of Irma's every move was what seemed like an hourly thing, not just from me, but my parents and all those that know I am here in Miami. However, it all was taken care of in the best way possible thanks to my amazing job Royal Caribbean Cruise Line who made sure each and every one of their staff members and their family members were taken care of. 

With very little time to make sure everything was taken care of accordingly, four other performers and I were flown off to Dulles, Virginia with the Royal Caribbean IT team to Evacuate from Irma until further notice. Unfortunately, do to Hurricane Harvey and the passport office having our passport we were unable to join the other performers on the Enchantment of the Seas to sail off to the seas away from Irma. 4:00am my phone alarm goes off and we are off to meet the pick-up service to take us to the airport for our 9am flight. The "Evacuation Turn Up" the night/morning before definitely took me out so coffee and sleep was a MUST on my way to Dulles. Arriving at the Dulles airport we were then sent to live in the Marriott Hotel until further notice do to the intensity of Irma and what was expected to come from the storm. I will say that was the longest seven days I've had in a hotel and away from work, but it definitely came with some amazing perks. 


P E R K S:

  • Food provided by the hotel 

  • Room Service

  • Visiting Virginia for the first time in almost 10 years

  • Time for my body to rest and recover 

  • Chill nights with my cast mates

  • ........but most of all 

  • Allowed time for me to see and spend time with FAMILY!

Seeing family was just what I needed after such a great, yet intense two weeks of work and doing what I love, but being beat up by choreography in the process. In the best way possible lol. My dad bing the Superman that he is truly made sure that I was able to meet up with my uncle and spend time away from the hotel and enjoy some quality family time, and I SURELY DID!  I snuck away on Sunday, September 10th to spend time with my Uncle Michael and friends in Maryland eating the best crabs a girl has ever tasted, the Maryland Crab, some Shrimp, Salad, Corn, and Drinks to top it off. It was truly a day of laughter, love and fun. 


Getting back to Miami on Wednesday, September 13th felt great, but things still weren't back to normal so on to another 4 days in a hotel. I truly took in every bit of resting while in Virginia and the hotels in Miami and seemed to get a lot done....on Netflix and Hulu, with a little work for "I Am Bounce Productions" on the side. 

Let's just list all the shows I managed to finish in 9 days:

  • Caught up on "The Flash"

  • Caught up on "The Green Arrow"

  • Atypical

  • Queen Sugar 

  • Started "This Is Us"

Guess you can say I had a lot of time to just "Netflix/Hulu & Chill" 


Moving to the Hilton Garden In near Miami Beach was definitely the icing to the end of what we like to call an "#Evacuation Vacation". With only two days left of the hotel living the other entertainers and I decided to take a day to just go spend time together at the beach and just enjoy our last few days off rest, before getting back in the studio and getting back to work, catch up, extreme madness. It was a day of music, drinks, laying out and just watching the beauty of nature. The one thing I cherished about this day is the moment we all took to put together a sheet of messages from each of us with positive messages and putting it in bottle to create a "message in a bottle" leaving it for someone else to find.  It definitely was a great day to just enjoy our last moments of "freedom" before heading back to do the job we came for, so I truly cherished every moment of sitting and spending time with some amazingly talented and genuine people. In a world where so many things are going on that didn't only effect us but, truly effected others I was humbled to enjoy such a great moment to just be. It was even better being able to spend it with my roommate, who I truly became even closer with. 


I truly want to thank Royal Caribbean for doing everything possible to make sure that their staff and entertainers were taken care of in such a major time. It truly takes time and hard work to prepare for the evacuation process like the one we went through. It is a true honor to be apart of such an incredible company and the have the privilege to do what i love daily with some amazing dancers from all across the world. #EvacuationVacation was truly a success and wouldn't have been able to do it without Royal Caribbean and all their staff that made sure we were safe. 

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is AMAZING!

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