Bounce With Me Project Series: The Projects

I Am Bounce Productions founded in 2012 began its journey at the beginning stages of ShirJuanda "Bounce" Woodson's teaching career and has flourished since. Now fully established in her career as a dancer and choreographer,  Bounce has taken on true obstacles to build the I Am Bounce Brand creating the "Bounce With Me" Project Series. 

The "Bounce With Me" Project Series are a number of Bounce heartfelt Projects to open opportunities to the dance community giving dancers more exposure to the many sides of dance outside of training. Bounce has a heart for giving back and making sure artist can use their talents to their fullest potential. Having been taught by some of the most well renowned Choreographers and Instructors she has always been exposed to the Dance Production, Direction, Teaching and performing sides of the art of Dance.

To share her love and passion for dance, "Bounce With Me" will provide opportunities and most of all exposure to the following areas:

  • Production

  • Direction

  • Teaching

  • Choreography

  • Training Etiquette

  • Stage Presence

  • Performance Opportunities

Bounce hopes in the years to come,  the "Bounce With Me" Project Series will be the gateway to the success of a Dancer's Future.

Bounce Party 2: "Bounce Family Cookout"

Bounce Party 2:Bounce Family Cookout